All facilities which use or store hazardous materials (defined as either virgin or waste materials) in any quantity are required by local ordinance to report such use or storage to the appropriate local agency. A HMBP is a document containing detailed information on the storage of hazardous materials at a facility. Chapter 6.95 of the California Health and Safety Code requires that facilities, which use or store such materials at or above reporting thresholds, submit this information.

The intent of the HMBP is to satisfy federal and state Community Right-To-Know laws and provide detailed information for use by emergency responders.

The owner of a facility must complete a HMBP and submit a copy to the local agency for each site, which handles any individual hazardous material or mixture containing a hazardous material, which has a quantity at any one time during the reporting year equal to or greater than:

  • Solid Hazardous Materials: 500 lbs
  • Liquid Hazardous Materials: 55 gallons of each type OR 275 gallons aggregate quantity on site
  • Hazardous Material Gases: Oxygen or Nitrous Oxide: 1,000 cubic feet of each material on site OR All others 200 cubic feet