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OSHA Standard Required If Your Company Has: VSI Provided EH&S Service
Injury and Illness Prevention Program (8 CCR§3203) Any employees in California Injury and Illness
Prevention Program
Emergency Action Plan (8 CCR§3220) (CCR§3220) Any employees in California (non-written for <9 employees) Emergency Action Plan
Fire Prevention Plan (8 CCR§3221) Any employees in California (non-written for <9 employees) Fire Prevention Plan
Hazard Communication (8 CCR§5194) Any employees that use or may be exposed to any hazardous substance, except limited use of consumer products. Research and other laboratories may be partially exempt Hazard Communication
Permissible Exposure Limits (8 CCR§5155) Any employees that may be exposed to airborne contaminants Air Monitoring and Permissible Exposure Limits
Respiratory Protection (8 CCR§5144) Any respirator use except for voluntary filtering dust mask use Respiratory Protection
Personal Protective Equipment (8 CCR§3380-3400) Any need for or use of personal protective equipment Personal Protective Equipment
Exposure to Hazardous Substances in Laboratories (8 CCR§5191) Any employees exposed to hazardous substances in a laboratory operation (exceptions for tests kits, manufacturing and process simulation) Laboratory Hygiene Service
Bloodborne Pathogens (8 CCR§5193) Any employees that are assigned to provide emergency medical response or that have a recognized potential exposure to blood borne pathogens Bloodborne Pathogens
Permit Required Confined Space Entry (8 CCR§5157) Any facility in which there is a confined space that contains any hazard Confined Space Entry
Lockout/Tagout and Machinery Guarding (8 CCR§3314 & 3940) Any employees that may be exposed to hazardous machinery motion during normal operations or servicing Lock out/Tag out
Forklifts and Material Handling (8 CCR§3664) Any employees that operate a forklift or industrial truck or if materials are handled in volume Forklift and Material Handling
Repetitive Motion Injuries (8 CCR§5110) At least 2 employees that experience a repetitive motion injury (RMI) due to the same work within one year Ergonomics
Occupational Exposure to Noise (8 CCR§5095) Any employees that are exposed to noise levels exceeding 85dBA average over a work shift Hearing Conservation