The Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) Standard (8 CCR§3203) is the requirement to have a formal documented safety program designed to achieve workplace safety in an organized and planned manner. Any employer that does not have a formal documented IIPP not only receives a penalty for serious violations, they also receive a penalty for not implementing an IIPP.

The Injury and Illness Prevention Program service includes:

  • Written IIPP
  • Identification of health hazards
  • Periodic hazard inspections
  • Accident investigation query
  • Accident investigation forms
  • Employee training
  • Record keeping
  • Engineered controls
  • Identification of personal hazards
  • Recordable vs. Reportable
  • OSHA 200 Log
  • Creation and use of hazard prevention data sheets
  • Employee safety suggestions
  • Safety committee meeting organization