What is ergonomics?

Ergonomics is the applied science of the physical and cognitive relationship between the employee and their work environment – the human tool interaction. This is achieved through onsite ergonomic assessments, hazard identification, and employee training.

Why ergonomics?

Benefits of Ergonomics
  • Provides practical solutions to improve productivity, optimize performance and prevent workplace injuries.
  • Reduces employer costs through decreases in absenteeism, lost time injuries, and lower Workers Compensation insurance rates (WCB rates).
  • Increases productivity, job satisfaction and quality of work.
  • Improves employee retention resulting in reduced training costs.
Cost of Injuries
  • Our goal at VSI is to stop work related injuries before they happen. This helps to reduce the costs related to injuries, while improving employee morale, well-being and retention.
  • According to Liberty Mutual, the average costs associated with a Workers Compensation claim are estimated to be $83,000 per employee. This includes $4,000 to file a claim and an average of $79,000 for medical cost and lost work days per employee.