Ergonomic Product Review

Products are not “one size fits all”! VSI’s Human Factors Ergonomics Engineers take pride in being “tool experts”! We use this knowledge to recommend the right product to our clients the first time.

All ergonomic evaluations include product recommendations for the employee. Recommendations are also available when developing standards for your department or facility.

VSI recommendations will:

  • Choose products for an employee with special needs,
  • Eliminate unnecessary ordering,
  • Reduced chance of injury from using ill-fitted products,
  • Assist in choosing standards to best fit your employee population and work tasks.

“I really appreciated the recommendations from VSI, and it helped to reduce the shoulder and neck pains I had for a long time.”
VSI Client from Office Evaluation

“I need to be mindful of how I use the products … they are not a silver bullet that solves everything regardless of what I do.”
VSI Client from Call Center

“I can’t believe how much better I feel since using the right ergonomic products!”
VSI Client from Manufacturing Site